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Parenting Your Delinquent, Defiant, Out-of-Control Teen

How to Help Your Teen Stay in School and Out of Trouble Using an Innovative Multisystemic Approach

By Patrick M Duffy PsyD

(Grades 9-12) Teens who are out-of-control may participate in a number of troubling behaviors, including drinking, taking drugs, skipping school, or even fighting. If you've tried to discipline your teen to no avail, you may feel emotionally exhausted. But you also know that the consequences of not taking action now could greatly affect their future.

For parents who are at their wits end, clinical psychologist and expert in treating children with behavior issues Patrick M. Duffy presents Parenting your Delinquent, Defiant, or Out-of-Control Teen. This book utilizes effective strategies common among proven effective programs-such as functional family therapy, multidimensional treatment foster care, and multisystemic therapy-and is designed for use by parents whose teens are on the verge of (or have already gotten in) trouble in school or with the law.

If you've reached the boiling point and feel helpless when it comes to your teen, you need help now, rather than later. With this book as your guide, you'll learn practical and effective skills for parenting your difficult child, no matter how hard they try to push you away. Softcover, 232 pages.
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