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Notching Up

The Nurtured Heart Approach - The New Inner Wealth Initiative for Educators


By Howard Glasser

With this book, educators will recognize that it does not take better or different curriculum,more staff, or more dollars to bring about amazing and sustained transformations in classrooms and schools. Instilling inner wealth in students takes only a few minutes of intervention each school day. The result: more productive and better behaved students, more productive classrooms and schools, and a better future for each child. This book has a fresh slant on the Nurtured Heart Approach that will benefit educators, parents and therapists, whether they're well-versed in the Nurtured Heart Approach or newcomers to this work. In this latest book, Glasser takes his Nurtured Heart Approach to a new level that nurtures and builds inner wealth in every child. Softcover, 168 pages.
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