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Transforming the Difficult Child Workbook

An Interactive Guide to The Nurtured Heart Approach


By Howard Glasser, Joann Bowdidge, Lisa Bravo

This long-awaited Nurtured Heart Approach Workbook brings to life the approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of parents, educators, therapists and other caregivers to help intense children to go from negativity to highly positive outcomes. So many children simply experience the truth of how people respond to them and innocently form an impression that there is so much more available relationship and response when things are going wrong. By way of normal and traditional approaches to parenting adults are typically so much more present for children when problems are occurring. When everything is going smoothly adults normally say little or nothing and even when we approve of something we at most seem to say variations of thank you or good job. Compared to how we wax poetically when issues arise, our ways of reflecting success are relatively skimpy. Parents are simply trying as hard as they can, with the best of intentions, with the methods they have at their disposal. Some children who are a bit more intense, sensitive or needy, simply fall into the allure of how much greater the payoffs for negativity seems to be and from there so easily can spin a life of an addiction to strife and failures. No one does this on purpose. It s just that conventional approaches to parenting and teaching inadvertently are like giving the child energetic $100 bills in response to the child s acting-out - by way of long discussions, greater urging to do the right thing, more emotion, and stronger involvement. The timing is simply upside down. Greater presence, response, energy and relationship need to happen when things are going right. The great news is that it s not only simple to turn this around, while still holding the child fully accountable, it can be done in a way that brings the child to use that very same intensity in successful ways. We contend that parents don t really want improvements via the standard recommendation of medications at the price of essentially diminishing a child s life force and risk or myriad side effects more extensive than parents are ever told. Children, like adults need every bit of their life force intact to live a fruitful life. We believe that what parents really want is for the child to be intensely wonderful. The same life force that can run amuck in the realm of negativity can be as exponential when applied to success, and then you have the best kid on the block. The best news is that this same approach that is the basis of the top selling book on ADHD, Transforming the Diificult Child (1999) by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley, has now evolved and is now not only easier and more powerful than ever, but it has been recreated to help parents and teachers take it to a new level of instilling greatness in the child. This workbook format provides an interactive guide to get the Nurtured Heart Approach underway. It will walk you through the process of fully understanding the approach, then it will introduce the strategies and will encourage you and support you every step of the way. It is enormously gratifying to experience the turn around to having your child be thoughtful, considerate, respectful and responsible. We hope you enjoy the journey. Softcover, 214 pages.
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