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Helping Preschool-Age Children Learn Self-Regulation with CD
Lessons, Activities, Songs, and Games Designed to Give Children the Skills They Need to Succeed for the Rest of Their Lives

By Brad Chapin, Lena Kisner and Brooke Stover

(Grades PK-K) This highly anticipated resource focuses on skill-training for preschool-age children. Self-regulation is a universal skill necessary for academic success, emotional control and healthy social interaction. With this one resource, you will be able to address School Readiness, Anger Problems, Anxiety, School Safety, Self-esteem, Social Skills and much more. The authors have developed this guide with a focus on how to help you "Do More with Less." The strategies are creative and designed to engage young children in the process to create change quickly. Includes a CD with reproducibles worksheets.

Purchase the Companion Kit with this Curriculum Guide and SAVE! The Companion Kit provides all of the core lesson images, storybook, training board, posters and self-regulation blocks referenced in the lessons as well as materials for 10 students.

Items Included in Companion Kit:

  • ·         Horsefly Sigh (Children's Storybook) - Qty 1
  • ·         Self-Regulation Training Board - Qty 1
  • ·         Bonus Calming Skills - Qty 1
  • ·         Play Doh (1 oz mini cans) - Qty 10
  • ·         Calming Sticks - Qty 2
  • ·         Training Feathers - Qty 10
  • ·         Waterproof Play Doh Learning Mats (3 Designs - 10 of each)
  • ·         Self-Regulation Blocks (3 Designs - 1 of each)
  • ·         Self-Regulation Posters (3 Designs - 1 of each)
  • ·         Core Lesson Images - Qty 41

Softcover, 100 pages.

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