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The Drama Llama Set

By Susan Bowman

The Drama Llama Storybook

(Grades PK-5) Many children can relate to others stirring up drama or being overly dramatic themselves. In this story, Drama Llama always stirred up trouble among her animal friends. She liked to spread rumors and gossip and start trouble between the other animals. Eventually the other animals catch on to who is starting all the rumors and they stop talking to the Drama Llama. She then becomes very sad and lonely until some of her former friends confront her about her behavior. They let her know how she can become their friend again and Drama Llama learns that to gain friends you don't need to try to get their attention by sharing rumors or drama, but by being genuine and kind. This book includes discussion questions and reproducible activity pages. Softcover, 40 pages.

The Drama Llama Interactive Lessons CD

Lessons include:
  • Recipe for Friendship - Select ingredients to add to the pot to create a recipe for friendship.
  • Are You My True Friend? - Find animals in  5 different wildlife scenes. Based on what the animal is saying, decide whether that animal is being a TRUE friend.
  • Building Friend "Chips" - Create friend "chips" and fill Drama Llama's bank.
  • Stop the Drama - Help Drama Llama choose a good response when animals are saying not-so-nice things about others.
  • Friendship Garden - Use the watering can to collect the raindrops that will help the flowers in the friendship garden grow.
Also included on the CD are 3 full-color posters to print and hang in the classroom, the Drama Llama animated storybook and printable follow-up worksheets.

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The Drama Llama Activity Guide with CD

12 Essential Lessons on Drama and Friendship

The Drama Llama Activity Guide offers 12 thought-provoking and skill-based activities that compliment the storybook, The Drama Llama. These activities can help students understand how stirring up drama can hurt relationships with others. It also provides practice in skills and strategies for preventing and coping with overly-dramatic situations. Each activity includes discussion questions, checklists, games, role plays reproducible worksheets and suggestions for the entire school.

Topics include:

  • Toxic Friendships
  • Taking Positive Action
  • Good Friends/Bad Friends
  • What Would You Do?
  • Don't be a Drama Llama
  • The Drama Scale
  • True Friends
  • Building Personal Strengths
  • Friends Are Upstanders
  • Lasting Friendships
  • Animal Drama
  • Spreading Kindness

Includes CD of Reproducibles. Softcover, 32 pages.

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