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I Can Cope! with CD

By Karen Hammond

(Grades 3-6) A self-exploration workbook to help children develop healthy and effective coping skills This workbook helps children learn that effective, resilient coping comes from being consciously and actively connected to one's emotional, cognitive, behavioral and communicative processes. They will learn that healthy coping means: 
  • Believing that one has options for dealing with life's circumstances 
  • Developing accessible strategies to balance one's need for equilibrium 
  • Taking responsibility for the status of one's environment 
  • Having a process to critically and independently assess the effectiveness of chosen coping choices in order to augment one's repertoire of coping skills. 
Each of the eight chapters in the I Can Cope! workbook contain: 
  • Overview - which gives the facilitator information necessary to conduct the lesson, including goals to be attained in each session 
  • Materials Needed - which provides a list of necessary materials to complete each lesson for the facilitator and child(ren) 
  • Lesson - a step by step description of how to use the information in the I Can Cope! workbook to attain the goals set forth for each chapter 
The workbook also contains a pre- and post-workbook evaluation inventory for completion by parents or teachers. A CD is included that allows the user to reproduce the student workbook in black and white or in color. Softcover, 88 pages.
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