Secret Adventures DVD Series


(Grades 4-7) These 24 minute DVDs combine live action and animation to teach your students important lessons on life. Each comes with study guide. Public School Version. Close Captioned.

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  • SPIN - honesty (191D-Net)
  • SNAP - responsibility (192D-Net)
  • SMASH - working together (193D-Net)
  • SHRUG - self-worth (194D-Net)
  • SLAM - perseverance (196D-Net)
  • SPLIT - coping with change (197D-Net)

Click here to download the teacher's guide.

Stock # Description Retail ea. Qty
191D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: Spin 29.95
192D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: Snap 29.95
193D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: Smash 29.95
194D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: Shrug 29.95
196D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: Slam 29.95
197D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: Split 29.95
190D-NET Secret Adventures DVD: 6 Disc Set 179.70 159.95

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