Auto-B-Good Character Curriculum DVDs

(Grades K-6) Welcome to the City of Auto where character education connects with children's fascination with cars and trucks. Auto-B-Good™ is a character development series featuring nine animated vehicles, each with his or her own unique personality. The Auto-B-Good™ Character Education Curriculum, written, reviewed and tested by educators, is centered on the animated lessons. Each DVD features three 8-12 minute character lessons. Close Captioned. Includes both English and Spanish Versions. 

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Season One DVD's

Season Two DVD's

Season Three DVD's

Stock # Description Retail ea. Qty
A999D-Net ABG DVD All 3 Seasons - 21 Disc Set 1048.95 889.95
A020D-NET ABG DVD Season 1 - 12 Disc Set 599.40 539.95
A420D-NET ABG DVD Season 2 - 6 Disc Set 299.70 269.95
A998D-NET ABG DVD Season 3 - 3 Disc Set 149.85 134.95
A021D-Net ABG DVD Punctual, Prompt, Ready 49.95
A022D-Net ABG DVD Responsibility, Respect, Dependability 49.95
A023D-Net ABG DVD Obedience, Self-Control, Politeness 49.95
A024D-Net ABG DVD Truthfulness, Honesty, Kindness 49.95
A025D-Net ABG DVD Thankfulness, Generosity, Goodwill 49.95
A026D-Net ABG DVD Joyfulness, Patience, Cooperation 49.95
A027D-Net ABG DVD Tolerance, Consideration, Uniqueness 49.95
A028D-Net ABG DVD Patriotism, Citizenship, Loyalty 49.95
A029D-Net ABG DVD Courage, Initiative, Self-Reliance 49.95
A030D-Net ABG DVD Perseverance, Sportsmanship, Self-Discipline 49.95
A031D-Net ABG DVD Independence, Resourcefulness, Cleanliness 49.95
A032D-Net ABG DVD Courtesy, Fairness, Confidence 49.95
A421D-Net ABG DVD Decency, Goodness, Dignity 49.95
A422D-Net ABG DVD Integrity, Bravery, Determination 49.95
A423D-Net ABG DVD Sharing, Friendliness, Gratefulness 49.95
A424D-Net ABG DVD Helpfulness, Enthusiasm, Selflessness 49.95
A425D-Net ABG DVD Restraint, Willpower, Wisdom 49.95
A426D-Net ABG DVD Self-Acceptance, Caring, Hygiene 49.95
A819D-Net ABG DVD Discovering Talent, Commitment, Imaginative 49.95
A820D-Net ABG DVD Slow to Judge, Forgiveness, Friendship 49.95
A821D-Net ABG DVD Trustworthiness, Heroic, Peacefulness 49.95

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