Trevor Romain DVD Series

(Grade 1-6) When faced with with issues such as death, divorce, bullying, fear and homework struggles, these great videos offer children concrete skills and ways to cope. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes, with 50 minutes of bonus features, including teacher/parent resource guides and both English and Spanish are on each DVD. Close Captioned. Updated Versions.

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  • What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? (A481D-Net) - The death of a loved one is a traumatic experience for children. Using humor, original music and a compassionate storyline, Trevor and his animated friends, Skye and Jack, offer practical advice for children experiencing grief and loss. Teacher resource guide included.
  • How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up? (A482D-Net) - Humor, original music and a fun storyline provide practical lessons that teach simple ways to defeat the dreaded homework curse! Teaches good homework skills such as homework scheduling, eating healthy snacks, and more! DVD includes teacher/parent resource guide.
  • Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain (A483D-Net) - Using humor, original music and a fast-paced storyline, this DVD offers kids practical, easy-to-implement solutions for dealing with their own bully problems. DVD includes a resource guide for parents and educators.
  • Facing Fear Without Freaking Out (A484D-Net) - Welcome to Screamworks Island where Jack and Skye are forced to face their fears and deal with them once and for all! Whether it's the fear of heights or the fear of not fitting in, Trevor offers fear-busting guidance to kids hoping to overcome their anxieties.
  • Taking the "Duh" Out of Divorce (A485D-Net) - Animated friends, Skye and Jack, give kids practical, helpful advice on dealing with the pain of divorce. Children learn that divorce is not their fault, not to take sides, not to hide emotions, and how to lean on friends. DVD includes teacher/parent resource guide.
  • Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney (A486D-Net) - Kids need to understand the difference between a clique, or group of friends, and an exclusive or mean clique. Trevor offers helpful suggestions on how to dare to be different, keep an open mind about others and most importantly how to remain true to yourself.
  • If You Don't Take Care of Your Body, Where Else Are You Going To Live? (A487D-Net) - Coach Trevor Romain issues a 30-day fitness challenge while explaining the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Jack, Skye and Darryl learn that taking better care of your body can actually be fun!


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A481D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? 29.95
A482D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up 29.95
A483D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - Bullies Are A Pain in the Brain 29.95
A484D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - Facing Fear Without Freaking Out 29.95
A485D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - Taking the Duh Out of Divorce 29.95
A486D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney 29.95
A487D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - If You Dont Take Care of Your Body, Where Else Are You Going To Live? 29.95
A480D-NET Trevor Romain DVD - 7 Disc Set 209.65 189.95

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