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Getting Along with Groark DVD Series

(Grades K-5)  This video series featuring the Popcorn Park Puppets teaches valuable lessons to help children work out conflicts fairly and peacefully.  In each episode, Groark gets into a tense situation with some of his puppet friends.  After discussing the problem, he applies what he has learned and brings about a peaceful solution.  DVDs are 26-29 minutes long and include Teaching Guides.  DVD format includes both English and Spanish. Close Captioned.

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  • Controlling Anger (401D-Net)
  • Working Out Conflicts (402D-Net)
  • Being Good Listeners (403D-Net)
  • Bullying and Teasing (404D-Net)
  • Prejudice and Respect (405D-Net)

Stock # Description Retail ea. Qty
401D-Net Groark DVD - Controlling Anger 69.95
402D-Net Groark DVD - Working Out Conflicts 69.95
403D-Net Groark DVD - Being Good Listeners 69.95
404D-Net Groark DVD - Bullying & Teasing 69.95
405D-Net Groark DVD - Prejudice & Respect 69.95
400D-Net Groark DVD - 5 Disc Set 349.75 309.95

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