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Good Friends, Bad Friends & How to Know the Difference DVD

By Out of This World Productions

(Grade 2-5) This unique, entertaining, fast-paced and insightful video will become a favorite of your students. They will ask to see it again and again. It provides highly entertaining and powerful insights and skills on friendship that all children should learn and practice repeatedly. It is an extremely fun way to present this topic to young people, packed full of information that will help children to better understand, create and sustain friendships with others.

Friendships are vital to the emotional and social development of school age children. Interacting with friends teaches children how to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems. It allows children to learn about their own emotions and the feelings of others. In this short, fun, educational film students will be introduced to the characteristics of good and not-so-good friends, benefits and consequences of friend choices, and the meaning and importance of empathy. Running time: 25 minutes.

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