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Lesson Booster Guidance DVD Series

(Grades K-3 and 4-7) The complete 8 Program Series. Each Lesson Booster video presents real-life scenarios demonstrating the feelings that young students often experience, as well as present ways to cope with and handle these emotions. Students will learn the importance of respect, self-esteem, anger control, and problem-solving within a school setting. These programs are created for both grades K-3 and 4-7 as a supplement to any guidance curriculum. Each program includes a DVD and a CD-ROM with a lesson plan for implementing the content. 

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(Grades K-3) Contains 4 programs that will provide ways for children to identify, talk about, and handle their anger. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 13 minutes. 

Got a Problem?
(Grades K-3) Children learn that when you encounter a problem, You can come up with ideas to solve the problem. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 11 minutes. 

Everybody's Different 
(Grades 4-7) In these 3 episodes, viewers learn that everyone is different in some way and that we must learn to accept those differences. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 14 minutes. 

What's Respect? 
(Grades 4-7) Each of these 4 programs teaches about respect. Students will understand the importance of following and respecting the rules of society, self-respect, and the ideas and differences of others. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 9 minutes. 

Internet Bullies 
(Grades 4-7) These 3 programs teach students the meaning of cyber harassment, why it spells trouble, and how to protect themselves from being a victim. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 14 minutes. 

Why Do Bullies Bully? 
(Grades 4-7) After watching these 4 programs, students will gain a better understanding of bullying and build a stronger foundation when dealing with bullies. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 14 minutes. 

(Grades 4-7) These four programs identify through real-life examples the meaning and effects, both good and bad, of cliques. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 18 minutes. 

Got Empathy? 
(Grades 4-7) In these 4 programs, children will learn how to show empathy and caring, and that true empathy comes from one's actions. Includes DVD, CD and lesson plan. 13 minutes. 

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B201D-Net Lesson Booster: Angry DVD 79.95
B202D-Net Lesson Booster: Got a Problem? DVD 79.95
B203D-Net Lesson Booster: Everybodys Different DVD 79.95
B204D-Net Lesson Booster: Whats Respect? DVD 79.95
B205D-Net Lesson Booster: Internet Bullies DVD 79.95
B206D-Net Lesson Booster: Why Do Bullies Bully? DVD 79.95
B207D-Net Lesson Booster: Cliques? DVD 79.95
B208D-Net Lesson Booster: Got Empathy? DVD 79.95

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