Play-2-Learn: Go Fish Card Games

(Grades K-5) These games play like classic Go Fish. There are two decks of 50 cards in each game – one for grades K-2 and the other for grades 3-5. The games differ from classic Go Fish in that players must answer a question before they can accept a requested card. Instead of the usual number and picture cards, the cards have fun pictures of fish and fish names. Each game also comes with a rules sheet and facilitator guidelines.

Time required: About 20 minutes. 2-5 players.

Learning Objectives - Players will:
  • Learn the importance and benefits of acting responsibly;
  • Understand the consequences of irresponsible behavior;
  • Learn how to differentiate between responsible behavior and irresponsible behavior and model what is right;
  • Understand how to develop the necessary skills to make responsible choices.
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Go Fish: Catch and Release Your Anger™(A956-Net)
This game is designed to help children manage anger in a thoughtful and non-aggressive way. Each card will offer a scenario where someone has done something as a result of an angry situation. Each player will be given the opportunity to reflect on the scenario and discuss whether or not it was a good way to handle angry feelings. There are cards which also offer techniques to diffuse anger and to help deal with angry feelings in a more productive way. 

Go Fish: Hooked on Friendship™ (A957-Net)
Helps children learn friendship skills while having fun. The framework of the game will teach players how to make friends, how to be a good friend and how to resolve conflict with peers. The scenario cards cover basic lessons on, fairness, kindness, respect and understanding. The scenarios draw from daily interactions that take place during school, after-school activities, in the neighborhood, and at home. 

Go Fish: Fishing for Feelings™ (A958-Net)
Gives players the skills to successfully deal with their feelings, recognize feelings in others and identify appropriate feelings. Players talk about their feelings in an open-ended and nonthreatening way. Older students practice actively listening to the feelings of others. 
Go Fish: Catch Good Character™ (A959-Net)
Introduces various dimensions of character, such as, honesty caring, fairness, kindness, and respect for others. Players answer open-ended questions about good character, giving examples from their own experience and discussing the benefits of good character. 
Go Fish: Reel In Responsibility™ (A960-Net)
Teaches players how to interact with others at school and at home in a responsible manner. Some cards ask players to decide whether a wide range of scenarios depict responsible or irresponsible behavior and explain why. Other cards deal with the benefits of being responsible. 
Go Fish: Cast Away Conflict™ (A961-Net)
Provides players with the skills needed to manage conflict in an assertive, but non-violent way. Players read scenario cards that contain conflict situations and are asked to solve the conflict in a way that is fair to both sides. Guidelines are suggested for knowing when to call on a trusted adult for guidance. In all scenarios, players are asked to explain their answers to generate communication and internalization. 
Go Fish: Stream of Self Esteem™ (B181-Net)
Provides players with the skills needed to maintain and increase self-esteem. Self esteem is often influenced by two major sources: perception of success or failure, and messages from other people. 
Go Fish: Beware of Bully Bait™ (B179-Net)
Encourages development of skills needed to reduce bullying. This game emphasizes that everyone can make a difference. There is specific content in this game for targets, bullies, and bystanders. 
Go Fish: Anchor Your Stress™ (B180-Net)
Helps players develop the skills needed to manage stress and anxiety. This game helps children deal with anxiety-provoking situations. It also provides practical thinking skills that include self-talk, coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques. 
Go Fish: Manners Are a Good Catch™ (B451-Net)
Teaches players about het importance of manners and consideration. It goes beyond "please" and "thank you" and table manners to help players see the importance of treating others with kindness and respect at home, in school and in sports. 
Go Fish: School of Success™ (B452-Net)
To be successful, a person needs to get organized, stay organized, set goals and pursue those goals in an efficient way. This games teaches kids that success in school and later in life depends on more than intelligence and hard work. Helps players by giving practical tools and guidelines for working efficiently. 
Go Fish: Swimming Toward Self-Control™ (B453-Net)
Addresses the importance of self-control and impulse during school, home and after-school activities. Utilizes proven techniques for improving self-control, including pausing to think about possible consequences, delaying gratification, self-talk and problem-solving strategies. 
Go Fish: New Fish in School™ (B570-Net)
This game teaches players skills to help them adjust to a new school environment. Most students experience nervousness and confusion when entering a brand-new school environment. They may worry about making friends, their academic progress, asking for help or who they will sit with at lunch. This game focuses on these common fears and provides coping skills and techniques that can help with social anxiety. 
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B706-Net Go Fish: 13 Game Set 194.30 174.95
A956-Net Go Fish: Catch and Release Your Anger 14.95
A957-Net Go Fish: Hooked on Friendship 14.95
A958-Net Go Fish: Fishing for Feelings 14.95
A959-Net Go Fish: Catch Good Character 14.95
A960-Net Go Fish: Reel In Responsibility 14.95
A961-Net Go Fish: Cast Away Conflict 14.95
B181-Net Go Fish: Stream of Self-Esteem 14.95
B179-Net Go Fish: Beware of Bully Bait 14.95
B180-Net Go Fish: Anchor Your Stress 14.95
B451-Net Go Fish: Manners Are a Good Catch 14.95
B452-Net Go Fish: School of Success 14.95
B453-Net Go Fish: Swimming Toward Self-Control 14.95
B570-Net Go Fish: New Fish in School 14.95

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