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(Grade K-12) Thumball is a soft stuffed ball to throw, roll, or pass in a circle or randomly. Catch it! Look under your thumb. Respond to the prompt. Kids absolutely love this interactive tool that will get them talking and sharing. Without even knowing it, you will be encouraging the use of interpersonal skills including taking turns, eye contact, listening, responding, valuing similarities and respecting individual differences. There are 32 panels for each 4-6" stuffed poly-cotton ball.

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All About You (B504-Net)
Players respond to 30 questions about themselves. A fun icebreaker for all ages! Get the conversation going & bring language to life in your classroom or any setting with interactive questions and answers! 4" diameter.

Anger Management (B803-Net)*
Players read and respond to prompts about how to gain insights about different types of anger, and increase anger control skills. Discussion may include anger buttons, levels of frustration, "Know-Before-I-Blow", un-stressing skills, consequences and benefits of self-control. 4" diameter.

Catch a Career (B594-Net)
Provides representative examples covering the 16 career clusters developed by the US  Department of Education. Choose one of the following ways to respond: 1) Act out the career and see if others can guess. 2) Describe 2 special skills needed in this career. 3) Name 1 thing that could be fun or rewarding in this career. 4) Name 1 thing that could be frustrating or scary in this career. 4" diameter.

Emoji Feelings (B804-Net)*
With this ball, players learn about emotions and develop their feeling word vocabularies. If it is an Emoji, tell one or more words that describe that feeling. If it is a word, tell about a time you felt that way. Or players could tell about a situation and then others can identify a word or face that best describes that feeling.4" diameter.

Emotion Mania (B524-Net)
Intended to develop expanded understanding of feelings. Act out the emotions with facial expressions and body language. Share life experiences and discuss beneficial ways of responding to events. 4" diameter.

Empathy (B357-Net)
Players respond to prompts on this ball around the topic of empathy. They are encouraged to discuss how to stand in someone else's shoes show good listening and make skillful statements to others as they experience any of several emotions. The Thumball offers a fun way for students to discuss the topic of empathy which affects them personally socially and academically Empathy training should be a fundamental part of any anti-bullying program. When students learn to better understand and appreciate the feelings and perspectives of others they become less likely to be bullies and more willing to reach out to any of their peers who might be bully victims. 4" diameter. 

Icebreaker (B475-Net)
Includes questions to help teens and adults get to know each other better. Great to use for faculty meetings too! 6" diameter.  

Inner-Beauty (B590-Net)
Players are encouraged to discuss the meaning and importance of recognizing inner-beauty in oneself  and others. Topics include inner vs. outer beauty, personal  strengths, encouraging self and others, media influence,  and more. This fun way to talk about inner-beauty  helps students share their own personal responses and  learn to listen and respect the responses of their peers. 4" diameter.

Meet & Greet (B503-Net)
Players share ideas experiences and personal preferences. Allows discovery of similarities and differences and genuine interest in others lives. Builds collaborative and inter-personal skills at work school and home. 6" diameter.

Mindfulness (B802-Net)*
Players read and respond to prompts about mindfulness. Topics include self-calming, insightfulness, irrational thoughts, self-awareness, believe & achieve and "The Present Is a Gift". 4" diameter.

Move Your Body (B526-Net)
Increase physical activity by acting out the movements used when playing sports enjoying hobbies and performing exercises. Enhances co-ordination and activates muscle groups. Use sitting in a chair standing up or full body expression in the gym. Great prompts for charades and improvisational games. 4" diameter.

People, Places & Things (B527-Net)
A collection of open ended Who, What and Where Questions builds vocabulary skills stimulates discussions and leads to creative thinking. 4" diameter.

Personal Strengths (B359-Net)
Players are encouraged to discuss how to recognize their assets and how to use them to help deal with school issues and other challenges. It is a fun way for students to discuss how using personal strengths can help with decisions involving friends, succeeding in school, controlling anger and using other good judgement. 4" diameter.

Put Ups (Not Put-Downs) (B805-Net)*
Players practice giving personal affirmations and acting with kindness in order to uplift others. Discussions include the importance of giving put-ups rather than put-downs, encouraging others and spreading kindness. 4" diameter.

Resiliency (B593-Net)
Players read and respond to prompts  and discuss ways to bounce back when difficult situations arise.  The facilitator chooses one of three ways for players to respond to the prompts. 1)Tell about something you did when you were... 2) Tell about something helpful you could do if you were... 3) Tell about where you could go for help if you were... 4" diameter.

School Days (B523-Net)
Teens and adults share memories from preschool through post-graduate. Discover similarities and differences in educational backgrounds with friends family and co-workers. 6" diameter.

School Success (B592-Net)
Players read and respond to prompts around the meaning and importance of being successful in school. Topics include organization, study habits, homework tips, paying attention in class, technology and schoolwork, and more. This is a fun way to encourage discussion around the topic of being successful in school and life. 4" diameter.

Self-Control (B589-Net)
Players are encouraged to discuss self-control and how to use it in social and emotional situations. Topics include  recognizing big deals, understanding unhealthy thoughts,  avoiding overreacting, calming yourself, and more. This fun way to talk about self-control helps students share their  own personal responses and learn to listen and respect the responses of their peers. 4" diameter.

Stop Bullying (B356-Net)
Players respond to prompts around the topic of bullying. Discussions may include what student can say to a bully what it feels like to be bullied what are the results of bullying and how bystanders help. This offers a fun way to discuss a serious topic that affects many students. This game can encourage students to talk openly about how bullying affects them and others at their school. This can encourage victims of bullying to speak out and for bullies and bystanders to share their perspectives as well. Students are invited to share suggestions and ideas while other students learn to listen and respect the opinions of their peers. 4" diameter.

Stop the Drama (B358-Net)
Players are encouraged to discuss interpersonal drama, how it starts, how it can lead to many different kinds of problems for oneself and others, and what they can do to prevent or deal with it. Topics include drama as it relates to bullying, jealousy, real and fake friendships, texting / tweeting / instagrams, labeling and more. 4" diameter.

Team Building (B591-Net)
Players read and respond to  prompts around the meaning and importance of working  together as a team. Topics include traits of a good team member,  motivating a group, recognizing traits that can weaken a team,  and more. This is a fun way to encourage leadership qualities,  promote discussion about teamwork and allow for self-growth. 4" diameter.

Teen Issues (B800-Net)*
Players read and respond to prompts about teen challenges. Topics include social/emotional themes, relationship challenges, personal obstacles, coping & resiliency and risky behavior. 4" diameter.

Test Buster (B801-Net)*
Players read and respond to prompts about how to improve their test taking attitudes and skills. Discussion may include how to prepare beforehand, manage stress, use test taking tricks, follow directions, avoid panicking and keep an encouraging attitude. 4" diameter.

Virtues & Values (B525-Net)
Players can choose characteristic that represents you or another. They can discuss attributes you would like to have more or less of. It encourages self-reflection and goal setting. 4" diameter.  

Who Are You (B476-Net)
This is a great icebreaker to improve social interactions, participation, communication skills and conversation. 4" diameter.

Stock # Description Retail ea. Qty
B704-Net Thumball - 19 Ball Set 275.41 247.99
B504-Net Thumball: All About You 12.99
B803-Net Thumball: Anger Management* 14.95
B594-Net Thumball: Catch a Career 14.95
B804-Net Thumball: Emoji Feelings* 14.95
B524-Net Thumball: Emotion Mania 12.99
B357-Net Thumball: Empathy 14.95
B475-Net Thumball: Icebreaker 15.99
B590-Net Thumball: Inner-Beauty 14.95
B503-Net Thumball: Meet & Greet 15.99
B802-Net Thumball: Mindfulness* 14.95
B526-Net Thumball: Move Your Body 12.99
B527-Net Thumball: People, Places & Things 12.99
B359-Net Thumball: Personal Strengths 14.95
B805-Net Thumball: Put-Ups (Not Put-Downs)* 14.95
B593-Net Thumball: Resiliency 14.95
B523-Net Thumball: School Days 15.99
B592-Net Thumball: School Success 14.95
B589-Net Thumball: Self-Control 14.95
B356-Net Thumball: Stop Bullying 14.95
B358-Net Thumball: Stop the Drama 14.95
B591-Net Thumball: Team Building 14.95
B800-Net Thumball: Teen Issues* 14.95
B801-Net Thumball: Test Buster* 14.95
B525-Net Thumball: Virtues & Values 12.99
B476-Net Thumball: Who Are You 12.99

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