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Grit & Bear It!

Activity Guide comes with CD. Student Book also available!

By Tamara Zentic, MS, and illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin

(Grades 5-10) Use hands-on activities in conjunction with academic lessons to advance social emotional learning. To be successful in today’s world young people need more than academics. Perseverance, delaying gratification, the ability to take risks, and bouncing back from failures and disappointments are positive behaviors that can be developed and incorporated into daily lessons at school.

Each of the 25 ready-to-use lesson plans for grades 5-10 emphasizes an important executive function such as exercising self-control and connects it to a Boys Town social skill such as persevering on a task. Students will learn to define grit, determine if they have grit, and practice using grit: Generating Relentless Inner Toughness. The creative lessons are active, hands-on and technology-based. Suggestions for flipped classroom ideas are given. A CD provides reproducible worksheets, skill posters and handouts.

Also available 
Grit & Bear It! Student Book
Use Inspire students to develop social-emotional intelligence necessary for future success as they pursue their goals and dreams. In Grit & Bear It! students are introduced to the concept of  "grit" through stunning illustrations and straight-forward statements. Use as a catalyst to expand the development of executive function skills such as planning, perseverance, and risk-taking. Help your students avoid giving up or taking the easy way out and to see mistakes and failures as opportunities for progress. The book is a pictorial reminder of the power of GRIT – Generating Relentless Inner Toughness. Softcover, 32 pages.

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