Learning to Get Along - English Version

By Cheri Meiners

(Grades PK-3) This storybook series helps children learn, understand, and practice basic social and emotional skills. Real-life situations, lots of diversity, and concrete examples make these read-aloud books a great teaching tool. Each book focuses on a specific skill and ends with ideas and activities for reinforcement. Softcovers, 36 pages

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Accept and Value Each Person - Diversity (A051-Net)

Reach Out and Give - Gratitude (A052-Net)

Share and Take Turns - Benefits of Sharing (A053-Net)

Understand and Care - Empathy (A054-Net)

Listen and Learn - Listening Skills (A055-Net)

Try It and Stick With It
- Perseverance (A056-Net)

Respect and Take Care of Things - Environmental Awareness (A057-Net)

Be Polite and Kind -Manners (A058-Net)

Join In and Play - Getting Along (A059-Net)

What I Feel Afraid - Facing Fear (A60-Net)

Talk and Work It Out - Conflict Resolution (A061-Net)

Know and Follow Rules - Following Rules (A062-Net)

Be Careful and Stay Safe (B125-Net)

Be Honest and Tell the Truth (B126-Net)

Cool Down and Work Through Anger (B127-Net)

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B128-Net Learning to Get Along - Set of 15 Books - English Version 164.25 149.95
A051-NET Learning to Get Along: Accept & Value Each Person - English Version 10.95
A052-NET Learning to Get Along: Reach Out and Give - English Version 10.95
A053-NET Learning to Get Along: Share & Take Turns - English Version 10.95
A054-NET Learning to Get Along: Understand & Care - English Version 10.95
A055-NET Learning to Get Along: Listen & Learn - English Version 10.95
A056-NET Learning to Get Along: Try & Stick With It - English Version 10.95
A057-NET Learning to Get Along: Respect & Take Care of Things - English Version 10.95
A058-NET Learning to Get Along: Be Polite & Kind - English Version 10.95
A059-NET Learning to Get Along: Join In & Play - English Version 10.95
A060-NET Learning to Get Along: When I Feel Afraid - English Version 10.95
A061-NET Learning to Get Along: Talk & Work It Out - English Version 10.95
A062-NET Learning to Get Along: Know & Follow Rules - English Version 10.95
B125-Net Learning to Get Along: Be Careful & Stay Safe - English Version 10.95
B126-Net Learning to Get Along: Be Honest & Tell the Truth - English Version 10.95
B127-Net Learning to Get Along: Cool Down & Work through Anger - English Version 10.95

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