The Way I Feel Books

By Cornelia Spelman

(Grades PK-1) Education about how to identify and handle our emotions (especially those that are unpleasant or frightening) is as important as other kinds of learning. These storybooks by therapist Cornelia Spelman uses simple and reassuring language to help young children understand and manage their feelings and relate successfully to others. Softcover, 24 pages.

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When I Care About Others (A571-Net)
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When I Feel Angry (A572-Net)

When I Feel Good About Myself (A573-Net)

When I Feel Sad (A574-Net)

When I Feel Scared (A575-Net)

When I Feel Jealous (A576-Net)

When I Miss You (A577-Net)

When I Feel Worried  (A578-Net)

Stock # Description Retail ea. Qty
A989-Net The Way I Feel... Set of 8 Books 55.92 50.99
A571-Net WIF - When I Care About Others 6.99
A572-Net WIF - When I Feel Angry 6.99
A573-Net WIF - When I Feel Good About Myself 6.99
A574-Net WIF - When I Feel Sad 6.99
A575-Net WIF - When I Feel Scared 6.99
A576-Net WIF - When I Feel Jealous 6.99
A577-Net WIF - When I Miss You 6.99
A578-Net WIF - When I Feel Worried 6.99

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