Just Kidding

When Teasing Is No Laughing Matter

By Trudy Ludwig and Adam Gustavson

(Grades 1-5) A joke that has a sharp edge to it can cut you to pieces. That’s what D.J. finds out from his encounters with Vince, a smart-aleck classmate whose biting humor is more hurtful than funny. With the help of his dad and teacher, D.J. learns how to stand up to put downs and make healthier friendship choices.

A beautifully illustrated story, Just Kidding captures the truth of harmful teasing when children hide behind the words “just kidding” after treating others in embarrassing, hurtful or mean-spirited ways.

A great resource for children and all who work with them, Just Kidding includes useful tips, discussion questions and additional information to help young readers understand that one-sided fun really isn't much fun after all. Hardcover, 32 pages. 

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