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Kimochi Storybooks

By Amy Novesky

(Grades PK-3) Do you already own the Kimochis... Toys with Feelings? Then these three hardcover story books will make a great addition to your home or classroom.

Bug Makes A Splash
Bug is afraid to try new things. When his friends invite him for a swim, he would much rather stay at home and read a good book. When Lovey Dove reminds Bug that it's okay to be afraid, Bug finds the courage to overcome his scared feelings and dives right into the fun surprising everyone! Bug Makes a Splash! is a sweet reminder for reluctant children on the meaning of being brave and offers caregivers simple tips to help children find the courage to spread their wings and fly. Illustrated by award winning artist Hanako Wakiyam and includes a note for caregivers from communication expert Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M. Ed CCC-SLP. Hardcover, 32 pages.

Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever
Cloud was having the BEST day ever, until everything started to go wrong. When Cloud bursts and rains on everyone's parade, his nurturing friend Lovey Dove reminds him that it's okay to be mad, but it's not okay to be mean. With the support of his friends, Cloud apologizes and ends up joining in the fun. With endearing characters and beautifully detailed illustrations, Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever is a gentle story that can help children learn how to handle upset feelings and cloudy moods. Includes a note to caregivers from communication expert Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M. Ed CCC-SLP. Hardcover, 32 pages.

Cat's Not So Perfect Sandcastle
Determined to build the perfect sandcastle, Cat gets frustrated with her friends. This book offers tips to help children practice sharing and playing in friendly ways, even during frustrating moments. Hardcover, 32 pages.


Huggtopus Makes Way for Play
Huggtopus is ready to play! But, when her big, friendly personality becomes a bit too much for her friends, Huggtopus learns an important lesson. For fun to be fun, it has to be fun for everyone. Illustrated by award winning artist Hanako Wakiyama. With tips from communication expert, Ellen Pritchard Dodge, Huggtopus Makes Way for Play is a gentle way to help children remember and practice sharing and taking turns to help make playtime fun for everyone! Hardcover, 32 pages.

Lovey Dove Learns to Let Go 
Turtle Dove is ready for the first day of school, but his mama, Lovey Dove, is a bit worried. When Turtle excitedly takes his first leap during flying lessons, Lovey Dove can’t help but swoop in to catch him. When Turtle reassures Lovey, she learns that sometimes, even moms need to have a redo. Hardcover, 30 pages.

Bella Rose and the "No More Yay" Birthday
It’s Bella Rose’s birthday party! The Kimochis are so excited to celebrate with Bella, but will Bella be able to enjoy her friends and host the party she’s been planning? Birthday parties, or other big events, can sometimes feel very overwhelming for young children who have sensitive feelings. With communication tips from expert Ellen Pritchard Dodge, Bella Rose and the “No More Yay” Birthday is a sweet reminder that being sensitive is a gift worth celebrating. Hardcover, 24 pages.

Clover’s Happy-Go-Not-So-Lucky Camping Trip
Clover is excited to be in charge of the annual Kimochis camping trip! He’s packed and ready to go, but as the Kimochis set up camp, they realize that their forgetful friend may not be as prepared as they thought. Using a little optimism and bounce, can the Kimochis save their camping adventure? Including communication tips from expert Ellen Pritchard Dodge, Clover’s Happy-Go-Not-So-Lucky Camping Trip is a fun story showing how optimism and creativity fuel resiliency and can help anyone find a way to bounce. Hardcover, 22 pages.
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